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Free Billie Allen


Free an innocent man on federal death row for 26 years

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25 years ago, Billie Allen was sent to Federal Death Row for a crime he did not commit. Since then, as an artist, writer and much-loved member of the Allen family, he has maintained his innocence. Now, at 45 years old, having spent the majority of his life behind bars, he needs your help more than ever.

We are asking you to take three actions to help #FreeBillieAllen:

1. Read about Billie’s case, consider the failings at his trial and decide for yourself whether it’s time he received justice.
2. Go to the
Free Billie Allen petition and add your name to the list. We need as many signatures as possible before we can present this to President Biden and request a pardon on Billie’s behalf.
3. Share your support on social media and encourage everyone you know to sign up and join the campaign.

Over the past quarter of a century, there have been many times when the idea of freedom felt impossible. Billie’s campaign has been threatened by ill health, poor representation and government policies aimed at ramping up federal executions. The road to freedom has been long and littered with obstacles, but he has never given up. None of us will give up until justice is done.

“Since the age of 19, I have refused to let the limitations of prison stop me from serving others through painting, writing and speaking up for justice. I am so grateful to the hundreds of thousands of supporters who have joined me on this journey and given me hope when I needed it most. In the end, our shared humanity asks this one thing of us; to recognize another’s suffering as our own - and to do something about it. Thank you for doing whatever you can to bring me home.”

- Billie Allen


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Families Fighting For Freedom

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Dr. Phil

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A Portrait of Innocence

Watch the video

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Wrongful Conviction Podcast

#303 Jason Flom with Billie Allen

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So Informed

Billie Allen x So Informed

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The Marshall Project

Living with Survivor's Guilt

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The Marshall Project

A Dispatch from Federal Death Row

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NBC Washington

Making an Exonoree

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Fighting From Federal Death Row in the Memory of my Friends

The Nation

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The Nation

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A Plea From Federal Death Row:
"We Need You to Raise Your Voices"

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