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The #FreeBillieAllen toolkit includes sharable content for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. It also provides sharable images and resources to help spread the word about #BillieAllen on social media.

The goal of the toolkit is to:
1.) Create awareness, 2.) Encourage conversation about Billie's case, 3.) Garner support and donations for the Free Billie Allen Campaign team. But more importantly, it aims to urge individuals to ask President Biden to grant clemency to #BillieAllen.
Please help us raise awareness about Billie Allen's case by downloading these images and sharing them on your social media platforms. When posting, don't forget to tag us @freebillieallen on IG, freebilliealle1 on Twitter and be sure to use the following hashtag(s)
You can also download these images from our Google Drive.
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