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Billie Allen is a loving loyal son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend, artist, writer and playwright. Unfortunately, alongside all these great things, for the last 23 years - half of his life - he has been falsely imprisoned and sentenced to death for a crime that he did NOT commit.


I know that his claims of innocence may mirror those that find themselves in the same situation, and because of this, at times, might be hard for you to decide or see whose telling the truth. And, while I can't speak for anyone else, or to the truthfulness of their claims, I felt that I had to make it clear that BILLIE ALLEN IS INNOCENT, and I CAN PROVE IT!!! 


For years, the United States Government has had in their possession DNA evidence and other scientific evidence that was not only collected, but tested. It was their hope that when they tested BILLIE'S DNA evidence, and other scientific evidence, that the results would come back as positive, and would in fact, prove that he was 100%  guilty. But to their dismay; ALL results, EXCLUDED him.


Yet, Billie sits on death row, fighting for the past 23 years for people to see that he's INNOCNENT, and has DNA evidence and other scientific evidence to prove his innocence.  Billie's voice alone hasn't been loud enough. The proof is all there... The problem is, not enough people care that an Innocent man is on Federal Death Row for a crime that he DID NOT commit! Billie needs your support.....BILLIE ALLEN IS INNOCENT!


As you navigate through the site, you will see facts and evidence to support Billie's innocence. To learn more about Billie's full story, please go to case facts.

- Y.A., sister of Billie Allen

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