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During the robbery, blood spatter was found on a leather strap. The Government tested Billie's and the victim’s DNA against the leather strap. ALL results came back negative.


The Government tested Billie's clothing for traces of gasoline, and their own results came back negative.

A security guard, who was at Northwest Plaza shopping mall, in St. Louis, Missouri, picking up his paycheck, would come forward 25 years after the crime and inform both the local police and FBI that at the "exact time" the crime was taking place, he saw Billie at the mall, talking to several people, and that Billie had bags, from purchases he had made that morning! However, the alibi was never called to testify. The jury would never hear Billies alibi witness.

An anonymous witness; later identified, would come forward and inform both the FBI and local police that he saw someone other than Billie talking to suspect Norris Holder, "a few days before the crime", at North Oaks Bowling Alley, and that Holder and this person other than Billie were talking about "committing the crime together."

A government report; a dispatch tape transcript, shows that "several disinterested witnesses" would come forward and inform both the FBI and local police that they saw someone not matching Billie's description fleeing the crime scene. Whereas, multiple people would come forward and report seeing someone between the heights of 5'8"-5'10", Billie is clearly over 6'2'! A size difference that nobody would and/or could mistake! And, that the person they saw fleeing the scene had visibly "singed hair" and a visible "injury to his right hand." Both of which Billie didn't have!

The government's own "RECORDINGS"; with the witnesses own words, prove that not just one, but all of the government's key witness testimony changed "dramatically" from what they would state in the recordings, to what they would testify to on the stand at Billie's trial. Where at times they would claim to not have stated what is stated on the recordings!

The Government's reports, and court transcripts prove that officers intentionally and deliberately presented false testimony, when they claimed that Billie confessed to them about taking part in the crime. Where reports made court transcripts clearly refute the testimony they gave at Billie's trial! And where there's not a single piece of EVIDENCE to show that a confession took place; NO RECORDINGS; NO VIDEO; NO WRITTEN STATEMENT; NO SIGNED CONFESSION; NOR A SINGLE NOTE FROM OFFICERS OWN HAND TO SHOW THAT A CONFESSION WAS EVER GIVEN BY BILLIE! (And one should note that an officer claimed that he had taken notes, but that he had "thrown the notes away!")

Lastly, at the scene of the crime; in an area where only the second suspect would have fled through, officers would find a possible source of DNA on a "DAMP RAG", that was sent to the FBI lab for DNA testing. But where, after 25 years, the results haven't been turned over to Billie's defense! And where both the 8th circuit and the government have opposed any further testing of said evidence! But what do they have to hide?







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